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Custom User Groups based on Domains

In an hosting environment, you may have multiple customers logging into your Citrix environment. If you have domain trusts set up, the users may be authenticating and launching applications based on their domain credentials. In edgesight you can run reports based on user groups configured based on each individual domain, but first it has to be configured correctly.

The first thing that needs to happen is you have to get the list of domains from the Edgesight database.

SELECT     domain_name
FROM         vw_es_usergroup_ica_users
GROUP BY domain_name
ORDER BY domain_name

You are then presented with results like the following:


The information you need from this query is the text that is presented in the results. Next you will need to go into your edgesight website. GO to Configure –> Company Configuration –> User Groups. On this window you will need to click New User Group. Enter a name for the domain group you are about to create and make sure that “Take me to the Add Members Page” is checked.


On the next page make sure you select “Queries” and click “Next” A new page will open and ask you to select a query. Here you will want to select “New Query”. This is where you need to remember your results from the first query. Once you click “New Query”, you will have to type in a name for the query, and in the query text window enter the following:

SELECT     sessid
FROM         vw_es_usergroup_ica_users
WHERE     (domain_name = 'Customer')

Save the query and test it out. You should see all the users in the domain you listed. In the bottom window make sure you click “Add Query” so that the group uses the query you just created. Congratulations! You can now use this user group to run reports.