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OYE VEY!!! Published Desktops in Edgesight 5.3

Reporting on Published Desktops in Edgesight 5.3

We recently made the move to published XenAPP Desktops in our environment and after the initial rollout I thought I would consult edgesight and see what kind of metrics and performance numbers were in placeĀ and see how many users were using the new published desktop. What I found was that published desktops do now show up in several of the views/tables in Edgesight and the data is basically missing for a number of canned reports.

After a call with Citrix and finding out that they will not have a fix for some time, I decided to see if I could find the data somewhere in the vast archives of Edgesight Data Model. What I found is that information about published Desktops does, in fact, appear to be there. It is in a table (not a view) called ctrx_session. Running the command

select * from ctrx_session where app_name = ‘#%desktopName%’
This will give you a list of published applications, if you don’t know the name of your published desktop than use the ‘like’ function to find it.

Once you know your Desktop name you will need to cross reference the sessid with the view vw_ctrx_archive_session_perf and compare the sessid column type the following query to get counts on your published desktop. (Inner join folks can type it their way as well, note the alias of “s” and “p” for the tables)

select convert(varchar(10),dateadd(hh,-4,s.dtlast),101), count(distinct [user])
from ctrx_session s , vw_ctrx_archive_session_perf p
where p.sessid = s.sessid
and s.app_name = ‘#%virtual Desktop’
group by convert(varchar(10),dateadd(hh,-4,s.dtlast),101)
order by convert(varchar(10),dateadd(hh,-4,s.dtlast),101)

If you want to get the users who have accessed your virtual desktop you would type the following query

select distinct [user]
from ctrx_session s, vw_ctrx_archive_session_perf p
where p.sessid = s.sessid
and s.app_name like ‘%virtual%’

Comparing the “sessid” and specifying the “#Virtual Desktop” in your queries will also get you user names, system statistics such as CPU, Memory, etc but it does not get you any latency statistics which really sucks! I am hoping Citrix makes it a priority to get this fixed. Basically, you will not be able to tell a user who complains about their XenAPP Session that they had a latency of 500ms. One of the nice things about Edgesight was the ability to gather latency data, bummer!

I know this may not be much of a consolation prize but if you want to report usage, usernames, etc you at least can grab some of that information. If there is a specific metric (that does not have to do with latency) please let me know and I will try to send you a query that will work for you. I have been able to answer all but one question that has been sent to me.

Thanks for reading!


ALSO NOTE: I am on eastern standard time so my query of the dtlast column has a “dateadd(hh,-4,dtlast). Adjust this according to your time zone.