Finally a book on Edgesight (Yes…it is a little late but…)

I have been a bit busy but I was asked to review a book written by a Citrix Architect named Vaqar Hasan out of Toronto Canada.  While Edgesight has been declared End of Life in 2016, it still provides the most detailed metrics for XenApp environments out there today.  Also, most folks are still on XenApp 6.5 and will remain so for at least two years so I believe the content is still very relevant to today’s XenApp environments as Citrix shops ease into XenDesktop 7 App Edition.  Also, according to the Citrix website there will be extended support until 2020 for XenApp 6.5 which is a very possible scenario for some folks.

While it does not offer a great deal of ad hoc queries like the site does, it offers some very nice details on laying the groundwork for your Edgesight implementation with detailed instructions on setting up alerts, emails, and environmental considerations such as anti-virus exclusions.

While I wish this book would have been available in 2008, there has not been a great deal of literature around Edgesight and he is only asking ten dollars for the Kindle edition.  I think it is important that we support the few IT experts in this industry who take the effort to publish good content and the cost is low enough that you can put it on your corporate p-card.

So if you don’t mind, maybe you can support this guy for helping out.




2 thoughts on “Finally a book on Edgesight (Yes…it is a little late but…)”

    1. Bought the book, its ok for getting Edgesight up and running. I wish it had more detail especially around custom report creation and some of the best practices around alerts and thresholds

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