Edgesight Under the Hood: Emails and Questions from Readers

So, I thought for my next post I would include a few of the answers I gave to some emails that I received from people who viewed “Edgesight Under the Hood” 

I will start with four very easy queries that can answer some, what at times seemed to be, pretty tough questions. As I continue to digg deeper and deeper into edgesight, the amount of data it has is just staggering. 

First Question:
We deployed PNAgent a few months ago but we really don’t know if anyone is using it. How can I tell who is launching PNAgent? Can I get a count of how many would be impacted if the PNAgent server were to be taken down?

Here is the query for that: (Number of Launches)
select launch_type, count(launch_type)
from vw_ctrx_archive_client_start_perf
group by Launch_type
order by count(launch_type) desc

Perhaps more useful would be the number of users:
select launch_type, count(distinct [user])
from vw_ctrx_archive_client_start_perf
group by Launch_type
order by count(distinct [user]) desc

My next question is how to find out a user’s screen resolution. This is a very quick and easy query that will give you each user’s screen resolution.

Query for each user’s screen resolution:
select distinct Account_name, client_disp_horiz, client_disp_vert
from vw_es_usergroup_ica_users

And this query will give you the distribution of screen resolution(s) throughout your environment. This will help you plan your video memory settings on your default.ica files.

Query for distribution of screen resolution(s):
select client_disp_horiz, client_disp_vert, count(distinct account_name)
from vw_es_usergroup_ica_users
group by client_disp_horiz, client_disp_vert
order by count(distinct account_name) desc

 Then I got a question on how to root out mac and Linux/Unix users in your environment. I noted that in the vw_es_usergroup_ica_users view there is a column called “client_directory”. Since windows systems still use drive leters this was actually pretty easy. Simply query for any client_directory that does not have a colon in it. You will get the unix filesystem path (most of the time “/”…UHG!”), for the more savy users “/home/username”

Query for Non-Windows Hosts:
select distinct account_name, client_address, client_directory
from vw_es_usergroup_ica_users
where client_directory not like ‘%:%’

Thanks for coming over to the new sight, I am trying to move ALL edgesight queries, and eventually uploadable RDL’s to http://edgesightunderthehood.com

And thanks for reading!John M. Smith

One thought on “Edgesight Under the Hood: Emails and Questions from Readers”

  1. I have an application that continually makes calls to Internet Explorer to render content. While this app is single threaded, the rendering done by IE isn’t. We suspect that by increasing the number of CPU’s (we’re virtual, btw) we can improve the performance of this app. I’m thinking we’ll see this by reporting on processor queue length as the user count is increased on the server where we added the additional processors. So, I guess I need a query that will do processor queue length while displaying the number of users on the server. I’m new to SQL/Reporting so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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