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Average Session Count by Day and Hour: The Report

In my previous article: Average Session Count by Day and Hour: The Query,  I dove into a query that shows the number of sessions on a farm at any given hour.  Next, we go onto the creation of the report. For this I use SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS).  To begin, I created … Continue reading

Reporting On Non-PC Devices

Today’s workplace no longer follows a strict standard in terms of endpoint devices. Despite the efforts of your infrastructure, network, and security teams users are connecting non-approved devices to your network and your Citrix farm. A lot has been talked about the “Consumerization of IT” and it is a reality for any Citrix administrator/engineer. In this blog post we will explore how to find these types of devices using EdgeSight. Continue reading

Digital Epidemiology: Edgesight Under the hood

Okay, so no flat files, parsing or kiwi syslogging today.  Today I want to talk about Edgesight 5.x.  If any of you have attempted to reverse engineer Edgesight yet you have probably noticed that the tables are a lost cause.  All of the key data that you will want to try to harvest is located … Continue reading


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